Circularity PET/Polyester evolution or revolution?

Maurizio Crippa

by Maurizio Crippa, gr3n SA (video interview)

The presentation is focused on microwave assisted chemical recycling process able to up-cycle the PET/polyester. The chemical recycling is not presented as one of the recycling methods but as a complementary technology to the mechanical recycling. The beneficial effect of this synergy is the potential terrific increase of the recycling rate because the chemical recycling is able to deal with contaminated and complicated packaging and garments.

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Is it possible to turn plastic waste into new plastic in a sustainable way?

Waste plastic can be turned into new plastics competing with plastics made from virgin fossil oil via pyrolysis /chemical recycling. This will change the current recycling value chain into a new sustainable ecosystem.

The new ecosystems contains the following steps in the materials cycle:

  • End of life Plastic Waste Stream Collection
  • Cleaning, Sorting and Separation
  • Recycling
    • Chemical recycling
    • Thermal and Thermochemical recycling / Pyrolysis
  • Processing of recycled materials (plastics and chemicals)
  • Production of recycled plastic materials
  • Reuse of the newly created plastics in applications
  • End of life plastic waste stream collection
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