Designing plastics packaging for chemical recycling

Christine Leveque

by Christine Leveque, Director Business Innovation, Suez

There is a a widespread belief that Chemical Recycling processes allow to recycle the mechanically unrecyclable mixed polymer packaging. However thermo-chemical processes like Pyrolysis also need quality feedstock to produce quality oil !

The presentation will explain why it is essential for the circularity of plastics to continue the industry efforts in redesigning multi-polymers into mono-polymer packaging.


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Operationalisation of new plastic value chains for a circular economy

Karl Vrancken

by Karl Vrancken, Research Manager Sustainable Materials, VITO / Professor, University of Antwerp

Europe is at a crossroads for the way it manages plastic, plastic waste, and plastic waste trade. Plastic and plastic waste is traded worldwide. Exports from the EU to Asia have been a means to deal with insufficient recycling capacities in the EU. Waste import restrictions in China and Hong Kong have triggered a shift of exports to other countries.

Since some types of plastic waste have been added to the UN Basel Convention, the option of exporting plastic waste is becoming increasingly difficult, requiring to build a more robust and circular economy for plastic in Europe.

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Update Coronavirus


Jakajima is closely following developments related to the Corona virus (COVID-19). We are in touch with specialised institutions, including the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM), the Regional Health Service (GGD), the World Health Organisation and the related conference venue.

Any measures required will be taken in consultation with partners and following the guidelines issued by the RIVM and GGD. Our priority is always on safeguarding health and safety.

Unless otherwise advised and communicated by us, our conferences / events will take place as scheduled.
Our status with regard to the Corona virus remains unchanged. The precautions and advice mentioned below still apply.

We advise all involved – attendees, exhibitors, employees and suppliers – to follow the guidelines and precautions of the RIVM and GGD concerning hygiene regulations:

  • Wash your hands frequently and thoroughly with soap or hand-disinfection gel;
  • Greet each other verbally or with a hand gesture (don’t shake hands);
  • Cough or sneeze in a paper tissue or the inside of your elbow;
  • Avoid close contact with people suffering from respiratory complaints;
  • Seek medical attention in case of respiratory complaints, sore throat, coughing and fever.

We encourage all attendees, exhibitors and suppliers to check the latest travel advice and entry guidelines for countries to which they wish to travel before making arrangements. These may vary from country to country.

The latest information and Q&A on the Corona virus in the Netherlands from the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM) can be found here.

Opportunities for Thermochemical recycling of plastic waste

gerard van der laan

by Gerard van der Laan, Program Manager Circular Plastics, TNO

The presentation of TNO/Brightsite will provide an holistic view of the future plastics. In detail, we will show the current status of thermochemical recycling technologies for plastic waste and new recycling routes like MIlena Thermal Cracking for plastic and mixed waste streams.

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Creating feedstocks from plastic waste for a sustainable circular economy future

Adrian Griffiths

by Adrian Griffiths, Recycling Technologies Ltd

Adrian will discuss the potential for future plastics production to be made from recycled polymers and the effect this could bring to the industry and circular economy overall.


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Challenges and opportunities in molecular recycling of reversible polymers

Josse Kunst

by Josse Kunst, Kiduara BV

Is Molecular Recycling Economy’s Hottest Ticket or Toxic Tech Disguised as the Solution? Let’s look specifically at the molecular recycling of reversible polymers such as polyester, polyamide 6 and polylactic acid


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Chemical Recycling of Plastic Waste – Pyrolysis and downstream processing of pyrolysis oils

alexander hofmann conference

by Alexander Hofman, Fraunhofer UMSICHT

The recycling of many plastic waste streams like mixed plastics, composites or plastics with inorganic and organic contaminations remains very challenging. As an addition to mechanical recycling, chemical recycling offers the chance for closing the plastic recycling loop. Currently, great amounts of plastics are still incinerated and removed from this loop.

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