11:4512:00Virtual Waitingroom
Pieter HermansWelcome & Introduction

Pieter Hermans, Matchmaker for Innovators, Jakajima
12:0012:10Bert KipBert Kip, CEO, Brightlands Chemelot Campus
12:1012:30sanjeev dasSanjeev Das, Global Packaging Director, Unilever
12:3012:50Christine LevequeChristine Leveque, Director Business Innovation, Suez, on "Designing plastics packaging for chemical recycling", Read more, Watch JakajimaTV interview
12:5013:05Break and Virtual Coffee Chat
13:0513:25Carlos MonrealCarlos Monreal, President & CEO, Plastic Energy Ltd, on "Chemical Recycling for the Circular Economy: Transforming Plastic Waste into Virgin-Quality Plastics", Read more
13:2513:45Dimitri Daniels, Leader Circular Economy Europe, SABIC, on "TRUCIRCLETM initiative: SABIC’s journey towards a circular economy"
13:4514:05jeroen kelderJeroen Kelder, Partner, Infinity Recycling, Watch JakajimaTV interview
14:0514:20Break and Virtual Coffee Chat
Parallel Session: PyrolysisParallel Session: Chemical Recycling
Marc van DoornModerator
Marc van Doorn, Business Development Manager, Brightlands Chemelot Campus
Lucie WenmakersModerator
Lucie Wenmakers, Business Development Manager, Brightlands Chemelot Campus, More information
14:2014:40Adrian GriffithAdrian Griffiths, CEO, Recycling Technologies Ltd, on "Creating feedstocks from plastic waste for a sustainable circular economy future", Read morehagen hanel Hagen Hanel, Head of Plastics Recycling Innovation Center, APK AG, on "Newcycling ® solvent based recycling for polyolefins", Read more
14:4015:00gerard van der laanGerard van der Laan, Program Manager Circular Plastics, TNO, on "Opportunities for Thermochemical recycling of plastic waste", Read moremaarten stolkMaarten Stolk, Business Developer, Ioniqa Technologies, Ioniqa
15:0015:20Silvio GhyootSilvio Ghyoot, CEO, Black Bear Carbonkarl vrancken 240x240Karl Vrancken, Research Manager Sustainable Materials, VITO / Professor, University of Antwerp, on "Operationalisation of new plastic value chains for a circular economy", Read more, Watch JakajimaTV interview
15:2015:35Break and Virtual Coffee Chat
15:3515:55Prof. Dr. Gernot K. Brueck, Founder, Plasma Power Group, on "The two ways to make use out of plastic-waste", Read more
Maurizio CrippaMaurizio Crippa, CEO, gr3n SAGL, on "Circularity PET/Polyester evolution or revolution?", Read more; Watch JakajimaTV interview
15:5516:15alexander hofmann conferenceAlexander Hofmann, Group Manager recycling technologies,Fraunhofer UMSICHT, on "Chemical Recycling of Plastic Waste – Pyrolysis and downstream processing of pyrolysis oils", Read moreJosse KunstJosse Kunst, Founder / Owner, Kiduara, on "Challenges and opportunities in molecular recycling of reversible polymers", Read more
16:15End of the Online Conference